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License Hanging

Seal_Of_NV.jpgAs may not know, the benefits of establishing an address in Nevada can be far-reaching and substantial. Our local tax and business climates provide a welcome environment for corporations,businesses or individuals. We bring a huge network of experience to helping those who want to take advantage of all Nevada has to offer. Our offices are officially recognized by the State of Nevada as an official Resident Agent for the State.  Do not be fooled by  others who are not legally registered.

Hang your business license at a prestigious Nevada location.
Take advantage of a business friendly enviroment.
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Low monthly costs to hang your business license at The UPS Store®.
Set Up Charge $25.00
Non-Box Holders: $20.00 per month*
Box Holders $15.00 per month*
*Six Month Minimum
Customer understands and agrees that this is not a rental agreement that places us and the customer in the position of Landlord and Tenant: it is an agreement of bailment. Customer herein agrees that the total liability of The UPS Store® for any and all claims is limited to $50.00 regardless of the nature of the claim. Customer agrees that they will upkeep all their current information with our locatoion to ensure proper records and billings. Customer assumes all responsibility.
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License Hanging Service
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